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The Aiki Center is a space for body practices and integrative health services. Our intention in body training is to help people become more aware and integrated. We are committed to bringing the best experience through an integral body-mind-spirit-emotions training providing a quality body education. We understand the practice partner as an ally on the journey of life and not as an opponent to be defeated. The Aiki Center offers an affectionate environment, through welcoming, thus contributing to the physical,  emotional, cognitive  development of each one, in a healthy and responsible way .


• Commitment
• Ethic

• Focus
• Comprehensive training
• Humanization
• Respect 

• Safety

Welcome to the Aiki Center! 

Centro de Aiki Vila Madalena

the space has

  • Women's locker room

  • Men's changing room

  • bathrooms

  • Dojo (with rubber mat)

  • External area

  • Waiting room

  • Call Room

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